An Obsession With Fur

World, meet Sid. Sid is my Valentine's Day present from Baby Daddy. Now, some of you out there actually know Baby Daddy. He's not exactly the "get my girl a stuffed animal for V-Day" kind of guy. So what prompted this sweetness? Pregnancy, of course.

It's a proven fact that pregnant women are slightly nuts. We can get away with it, our hormones are raging and we're uncomfortable for nine months. My insanity has manifested itself in a need to cuddle. Not with a baby, or with Baby Daddy, or with strangers at the fabric store. I yearn to cuddle an orangutan. Now, it didn't start out as an orangutan. It started out as just a need to hold a furry animal. I really wanted a big furry hug. It was so bad, I was on the couch sobbing because there was nothing available. Yes, I actually priced out tickets to a monkey retreat in China. We went to the store and found this furry, blue blanket and I would sit on the couch and wrap up in it, and be somewhat sated.

Then, I found my savior. 'Orangutan Island.' This show is the greatest thing in the history of television. Greater than 'Twin Peaks.' Greater than 'Top Chef.' Greater than the 1984 Apple ad. It follows the lives of dozens of orangutans living on a rescue island in Borneo.

Now, I sit on the couch on Friday nights, wrapped up in my furry, blue blanket, watching 'Orangutan Island' crying my eyes out with joy.

And now, I can do it 24/7. I've already started rocking him!


redapes said...

Hi there-- I have to tell you that your take on Orangutan Island is the best one yet... I am glad you love it so much. You should be thrilled to learn that we have been signed for a second season! :-)

I believe you are the most perfect candidate on the planet to adopt one (or all) of our baby orangutans! Please do so-- or I might just have to give you one for free. (And we can't really afford that because we're a brand new non-profit with orangutans to save and a few minor bills to pay!)

Happy Valentines Day! Rich

Richard Zimmerman
Director, Orangutan Outreach
Reach out and save the orangutans!

MajorBoredom said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment. We actually are seriously looking into adopting, or at least doing as much as we can for, an orangutan. Just have to wait and see how much this baby sets up back!

It's a wonderful show, and I'm happy to spread the word. Everytime I hear someone moaning about how "we couldn't have come from no monkey creatures..." I want to point them in the direction of this show. They're amazing animals to watch.

In any case, thanks for the work you do. If you ever need a volunteer orangutan cuddler, let me know!

Gemma said...

This is the weirdest thread I've ever read. The end.