TMI Warning

An interesting side effect of pregnancy? I've lost the ability to wipe my own ass. Not the knowledge necessary, of course, but I've simply become to large for the task.

I've been experiencing the problem for a while. I can't turn my head to check the other lanes while driving. I can't bend over, because this belly doesn't fold the way I need it to. I grunt and struggle to get my shoes on. I take back every nasty thing I ever said about the way Crocs look and wear a pair that I stole from my mom.

I have gotten used to a nine-point turn over every time I need to switch sides while lying in bed.

But nothing has prepared me for the events that just unfolded in my bathroom. It started out like every other BM. I went fine. I was even a little relieved that some of my constipation seemed to be gone. Then, I went to wipe. It's at this time that I realize that I can't bring myself into position. Front-to-back, Back-to-front, I just can't reach. Either way, I can kind of half get in there.

It's starting to get disgusting. I'll spare you the goriest of details. Suffice to stand, it took some clever acrobatics and an amazing amount of willpower to get it done.

By this point in time, I've figured out that all women who have already had a child are lying bitches. They talk about how happy an experience it is, and they leave you to find this kind of stuff out on your own. There's no solidarity among us. It's a dog eat dog world, and I think I've finally identified that little gleam in an other woman's eye when she finds out I'm pregnant. It's pure trickery.

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