Shopping Fun

So, a well-meaning friend said to me in parting..."Next time we see you, you'll probably have a baby with you..."

An innocent enough remark, coming from a woman who merely stated it as a 'welcome to the club' type thing. Yet, it was enough to send me into a panic. I've got roughly 45 days left, and at that moment I was crushed under the avalanche of things left to do. My hands started spasming. So, I did what any rational, self-sufficient gal in my position would do. I cried for a few hours, then I went shopping.

Now, I've already had my shower, and was overwhelmed at the amount of giving my friends did. My heart was as full as my car was, and yes, I cried over that as well. It really meant a lot. But, I still didn't have everything I needed, and as my friend Charles is always so quick to point out, "Kate...you could have this child any minute now. I mean, you could have it by the end of this week." So yeah...I ventured out.

In one day, we acquired a kick-ass glider. I found that one on Craigslist, and even though the woman should be shot for charging that much for a used glider, it's worth it. It's got a custom hand-made cushion, in colors that won't make me throw up. It has this delightful creak, that reminds you you're doing important business in the glider. It matches the rug we bought. It's perfect.

After that, it was over to Target, aka, the mega-store I can shop at and be reasonably assured that their products aren't made by 6-year old children, and that their cashiers can afford to go to the doctor if they have, oh say, cancer. We bought the place out. We're now set for the first three months of this kid's life.

Except we still need to go pick up the crib. Oh, and the breast pump. It never ends.

But, I will say, the best piece of advice that I've neglected so far, is the parenting websites and magazines lists of essential items for baby. A wipe warmer? Crib bedding that costs $800? Shoes that the kid will wear one time that are $45? No. Thank you for the suggestion, but no.

I'm quite happy with the basics. Well...the rose-covered ballet slippers and the robot onesies might be a bit much but hey, shopping for kids is so much fun!!!

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wanderinggirl said...

we started our registry this evening. ;)