maternity leave...

At my job, I'm the only employee. I work in an office by myself, and I've come to love it that way. If I needed a day off to go explore the Greenbelt, or catch a good SXSW day show, or have an extended lunch break with someone, I had the complete freedom to do so.

Of course, my refusal to set hours meant my boss refused to do so either. So, we've had many a row where we'll come out at 10pm and just expect me to stay working as long as he feels like it. But, I've got a sweet position and I don't push the issues any further than I need to let off a little steam.

So, taking all that into consideration, when I got pregnant, I sat down and talked to my boss. There were four albums to get designed, then I could go on maternity leave for a month, then I could start slowly, basically just doing the sales and promotions.

So, after three months of hell, designer issues, color issues, Mac issues, and personality and taste conflicts, I finally get all four albums done, they get off to the printer and are ready today, exactly one day before my deadline.

I'm officially on maternity leave.

Except, I'm not. My boss called me at least 4 times yesterday with pet projects, things that could not only wait a year, but surely could wait a month. Duplicating a jacket design that he's had since 1975, for his personal wear. Finding some autographed contracts and framing them. Apparently, the man is worried "that I'll get bored just sitting around all day, and if i need something to do...." Today, I get more phone calls, wondering if I can write press releases for albums that have already come out, and can I mail off several packages, and while I'm at it...

No. I can't.

It just cracks me up that he would think that I, she of the feet so swollen I almost cried when I saw my friend Kate's adorable heels, would get bored. Today marked the first day in years that I haven't had some pressing issue to take care of. Nothing needs my personal attention. I don't have anything waiting on me, the clock isn't staring at me, daring me to procrastinate just a little longer. I have been trying to keep my hands busy, so I set out to make a sling for my wee one. Yes, I'm babywearing. And if I may say so myself, it turned out lovely. I've included a picture. As for the rest of my time, I am a woman of leisure. I am free.

Bored? My ass!

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