I've been a Mom for about 2 months now, and I've been shat on four times. No one told me to check and make sure that the diaper was properly unfurled around her butt or the poop would come streaming out of it like Don Imus' podcast. Twice. No one told me that when she was having diarrhea, I would take off the old diaper and poop would come flying out of her butt and land all over the changing pad, the table, my stomach and the floor, and certainly no one told me that she could puff her stomach up and make the diaper loose and poop would come spilling out of the top of it.

Most importantly though, no one told me that each time, I'd be standing there covered in poop, and she'd laugh at me, so like her mother in love with toilet humor, and I'd start laughing too.

Where, I wonder, has my temper gone? Why do I not explode at this disgusting little quirk? Good to know parenthood really does change you.


Gemma said...

Aw, Kate. You're already embarrassing her on the internet and she's only a few months old. Like a pro.

Maleah said...

Ahhh, yes, the squirts. I escaped the phenomenon wtih Molly but Maddie got me a couple of times. I screamed like a little girl.

Now, update your blog!