You can't catch me...

I just had one of those perfect mommy moments.
She was in her room, playing with Cash
and I heard her sneak into the kitchen.
She grabbed a bag of bread off the counter
and was tearing into it when I popped in there and commanded, "back away from the bread."
So she takes off running.
Instead of her normal steady run,
she's just frantically trying to get away from me, zigging and zagging all over the place,
all the while trying to chew through this plastic bag.
She got over to the couch and she throws the bread bag down
and lands right on top of it, as if it were a land mine,
protecting it from me

But I got it

I'm still bigger than she is


Maleah said...

Show her who's boss lady. Yeah!

April said...

LOL! This is awesome!